Artemis branded PhytoSolutions are proprietary phytonutrient formulations targeted at specific healthcare concerns. These formulas are developed based on research from around the world demonstrating and supporting the positive effect of these ingredients on a number of human health concerns including brain function, athletic performance and immune support.

BerryDefense™ Powder – Immune Support Blend

A proprietary standardized berry formulation that has been shown to enhance immune system response mechanisms, inhibit the replication of viruses and increase the resistance to viral infection. This ingredient is standardized to a minimum of 10% anthocyanins and 4500 ORAC units, and is easily formulated in supplements, foods and beverages.

Berry Select™ Powder – High Antioxidant Blend

A proprietary blend of standardized berry powders with a minimum of 10% anthocyanins and an ORAC value greater than 4500 for use in functional foods & beverages.