“Is this just folklore or is it science?”

Jan Mills, President and CEO of Artemis International, was personally involved in the reintroduction of Aronia to its native soil nearly 20 years ago.  Her interest in—and passion for—the fruit began during a 1989 business trip to Eastern Europe. She was pregnant and everywhere she went people would say, “Drink this, it’s good for the baby.”  “This” turned out to be Aronia juice, made from the fruit we know in the US as chokeberry.

Jan was curious: “Why is this stuff ‘good for the baby’? Was it just some local folklore or, like so many other traditional remedies, did it in fact have a scientific basis?”

In 1995, six years after her first encounter with Aronia berries, Jan began searching for answers. She brought Aronia plants back from Poland to the US, where they had once thrived. She provided plants to universities for propagation research and began collaborating with scientists studying the health benefits of Aronia berries. This was the beginning of Artemis International.

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Artemis began working closely with a state-of-the-art extraction facility in Italy known as Iprona and quickly developed a successful business providing colors to the natural products industry. However, Jan’s interest was most piqued by what she was learning about the science of dark berries, and gradually the company shifted its focus to the nutraceuticals industry.

 “I saw the research and it made me a believer in the profound need to eat right—and particularly in the power of fruit.”—Jan Mills, President & CEO, Artemis International

Specialists in Berryceuticals®

Over the past 20 years, Artemis International has emerged as a leading supplier of dark berry nutraceuticals, including extracts, fruit fibers, powders and concentrates for use in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry. Artemis is also at the forefront of research on the health benefits of berries, having developed strong relationships with some of the top scientists in the field of fruit and vegetable research. The company has participated in compelling studies that demonstrate the potential for compounds in dark berries to combat many of today’s chronic health concerns.

Going forward, Artemis is committed to remaining at the leading edge of berry research and to providing healthy berry ingredients for the nutraceutical and functional food and beverage industry.